SERENA on Metro.Style Local Picks List

It’s a proud day for my heart, as Serena makes it on Metro.Style’s #IndependenceDay2018 local beauty picks list.

Alongside local beauty brands that we’ve long-admired, too, like Happy Skin! Wow, wow, wow, what an honor!



One More Revolution Around The Sun

I was born on this day twenty-some years ago. And look what I got: THE COOLEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER; a half-page feature on Chalk Magazine’s April release, The Travel Issue.

The last year was insane, in more ways than one. It’s been 11 months since I chose to overhaul my life, and it’s been a hell of a ride. This is a timely reminder that I’m doing the right thing. I’m more than ecstatic to start this next chapter; It’s looking like a huge, promising one. 

I want to thank everyone for supporting my ultimate goal to do revolutions around the earth, as I complete one more revolution around the sun. I’ve been swimming with the fish, and among the stars, and it’s been a pretty damn good life. I am nothing but grateful.

Look Good, Love Hard, Live Young!

What do we have here? A short but very sweet mention in this month’s Chalk Magazine! When I refocused my blog, I really had no expectations as to what would become of it, but it looks like I might be doing something right, somehow. So this really means so much to me! Thank you, Chalk!

Grab a copy now to find out what other little, impactful things you can do to get involved and help in your own little way!

StingLikeAbi Scary Travel Story on Preen

6 Girls Share The Scariest Things That Have Happened To Them

The paranormal isn’t scary; sometimes real people are scarier than ghosts! I’ve contributed a short anecdote about a scary experience while traveling solo in Siquijor. Take care when you travel!

Story by Pauline Lacanilao
Photo courtesy of Preen.Inquirer